Artist Memories

What was the most memorable musical gift your favorite artist ever received? Check what today's top artists are saying.

Thomas Rhett

I will never forget when my mom’s dad gave me one of his first guitars he ever bought as a kid.

A Fine Frenzy

The first musical gift I ever received was singing sing-a-longs with my dad.

Casey Abrams

The first CD that I ever got was Spice Girls. That really generated some emotions to music.

Kris Allen

My first musical gift was a viola when I was eight years old. I was in the orchestra when I was a kid, so my parents bought me one and I learned how to play.

Allstar Weekend

… Looking back now I’ve realized that probably one of the most influential gifts that I’ve ever gotten was tickets to see Blink-182 when I was a kid. It was the very first concert I ever went to …

Bad Religion (Brett Gurewitz)

If you love music and you create music, then really you are giving because music is something that everyone shares and is universal.

The Band Perry
Alyssa Bernal

If it wasn’t for that camera, I wouldn’t have put myself out on YouTube and been discovered by a major label … That was the best present I think I’ve ever gotten.

Susan Boyle

There was always music in our house – and specifically singing. Singing gave me a new identity. Instead of being that Susan Boyle, she was a bit odd, I became Susan Boyle….did you know she can really sing? I had finally found a way of communicating and it was a nice way, because it made people happy. more…


It changed my whole life. It gave me a vision of what I wanted to do.


One of my greatest musical memories elucidates the beauty, strength and communicative power of music as our most sovereign and simple of languages.  more…

Michael Bublé

During the holidays, Christmas music was a huge part of my life. They would play the Bing Crosby record over and over throughout the house … It inspired me to sing.

Colbie Caillat

When I was younger my parents put me in piano lessons, guitar lessons, and vocal lessons. I remember listening to music with my Dad and he taught me songwriting … It all inspired me to do what I do today.

DJ Cassidy

…my parents bought me two turntables and a mixer. That gave birth to DJ Cassidy.

Greyson Chance

One of the best musical gifts I think I’ve ever received was a Beatles song book for Christmas …

Chicago (Walt Parazaider)
Walt Parazaider - Chicago

One of my first memories in life was hearing my Dad play the trumpet. His playing was certainly a musical gift to me, as well as everyone around him. more…

Kelly Clarkson

We didn’t have much money growing up, but my mother knew how much I loved music. For Christmas one year, she gave me 5 CDs with money she had been saving. I wore those CDs out. No one on this planet played Boyz II Men and Reba McEntire more than I did in 1995. more…

David Cook

I remember, when I was around 13 or 14, my brother gave me a handful of CD’s for my birthday/Christmas. more…

El DeBarge
El DeBarge

I know that the gift of music is healing to the sick and brings hope to the hopeless and strength to the weak. Music is the voice of GOD and International language known to all Man Kind. Music is the Gift that continues to give!

Gavin DeGraw
Style: "1"

When I think of giving the gift of music, I think about the fact that my parents are musicians, among other things, and they played instruments in the house all the time. Music was always a part of our lives growing up, and I consider that to be a great gift from them.