Artist Memories

What was the most memorable musical gift your favorite artist ever received? Check what today's top artists are saying.

Liam And Me (Matt O'Dowd)

Some of my favorite gifts of all time have been Pearl Jam’s ‘Ten,’ ‘Pinkerton’ by Weezer, ‘The Cars – Greatest Hits,’ and my first electric guitar …

Little Big Town
Tony Lucca

When I was 15 … a fan had done some research and found out I was a big Bryan Adams fan. She bought a pair of tickets and she sent me one …

Martina McBride

I think music is one of the greatest gifts that we can give.

Travie McCoy

Music is a gift that keeps giving – be it inspiration or otherwise. I’ve received music as a gift on many occasions, and it always seems to last the longest and mean the most.

Idina Menzel

I’ve received many gifts of music in my life.

Mindless Behavior

The gift of music that we got this year was this new limited edition Michael Jackson big red book…The reason that book inspired us is because it has quotes of his and pictures of how hard he worked from ages 7 to 50. So, after looking through it, it really inspired us to work hard…

The Monkees (Micky Dolenz)

The greatest gift of music I ever received was from my parents, who were both singers and musicians and I received it at a very young age. If fact, I think I received it before I even knew what a gift was. It was the gift of love and appreciation for music itself.

Justin Nozuka
Justin Nozuka

Music is healing power. It has given me the ability to connect, communicate, express, heal and celebrate. It is a precious, precious gift.

John Oates

Perhaps the two greatest things that I ever recieved when I was a kid were my little 45 RPM record player and my first guitar … these two things changed my life … more…

One Republic (Ryan Tedder)

Almost every important memory in my life is attached to a CD or song. Every time I hear Oasis or Prodigy, I remember my 1st trip at 18 years old to London with my church’s youth group. more…

Paper Tongues (Joey Signa)
Picture 9

Growing up, I used to have Walkman cassette player that was loaded with one cassette at all times … DC Talk “DC Talk.” I got it for Christmas one year and my headphones never left my head. more…

Katy Perry

My friend, one day, pulled out a record, a song in particular, called “Killer Queen” by a little band called Queen. I remember hearing that song and literally…I remember falling down what felt like slow motion in my bed listening to the lyrics of Killer Queen.

Plain White T's (De’Mar Hamilton)

I grew up with music all around me as a child. Both my parents are musicians. I was lucky enough to have that support and influence in my life. That was the greatest gift of all and what opened up the world to me…. more…

Mike Posner

One of my favorite holiday memories was tearing through a layer of wrapping paper to find Aquemini by Outkast. That album changed my life. Thanks Uncle David!

Lisa Marie Presley

…a tiny 45 record player. It was my life…all my little records and my record player.

The Pretty Reckless (Taylor Momsen)

I was inspired, and still am inspired, by The Beatles. I got all of their records when I was very young, and they were the reason I started writing music in the first place.

Radical Classical

One the the most memorable gifts I received was a CD which was Manheim Steamroller and Mason Williams playing ‘Classical Gas.’ It was that album that encouraged me to start playing music.

Rascal Flatts

It is a powerful thing to have one of YOUR songs touch somebody, impact someone else’s life the way a few of our songs have. To think about all of the people who have walked down the isle to ‘God Bless The Broken Road,’ it is really gratifying to know your music is has been a part of someone’s life in that special of a moment.

Darius Rucker

I was 10 years-old and it was Christmas and I really wanted a guitar. I didn’t think I was going to get it. When I got up Christmas morning there is was sitting on the chair.